May is a great month. It is the month buds begin to bloom in earnest. It is the month my children were born. It is the month we celebrate mothers around the world. It is the month we focus on MS Awareness across Canada.

The sun is coming back now that May has arrived…and with it, my fatigue is beginning to come back under better control. Whether that is a real physical reaction, or simply a psychological reaction to the lengthening hours of sulight – who is to say? Is it because I am within about 9 pounds of my goal weight? Could it be due to the absolute euphoria I feel at reaching my goal of attaining the pants size I was before my children were born? Could it be due to all of the very special people in my life that I adore and appreciate? Am I starting to sound like some crazy-lady? Maybe…must be sun-fever…I do get a bit giddy when I have blues skies and sun exposure! 😉

The sun is definitely helping me to feel more human again…and eager to be outside enjoying the warmth and brightness. The urge to do a thorough spring cleaning is also strong…but this time I am wisely turning to outside agencies to help me get my house and yard in order. I have finally come to accept that it is ok – that I don’t HAVE to do everything myself. And truth be told, these people can do a much more thorough and energetic job than I can! And I don’t end up so overly fatigued that I have nothing left, energy-wise, for my family. Awesome!

One question that seems to come up frequently, at least from the women I know with MS, is how do you determine what is MS, and what is aging, or female monthly hormonal blips, or menopause. I like to joke that women with MS tend to have P-MSx2, because in addition to our MS symptoms themselves, we still must contend with Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, Peri-Menopause Syndrome, or Post-Menopausal Syndrome. Fun, fun, fun! So how do you tell all the symptoms apart? Well, does it really matter, at the time? Fatigue and the resulting irritability, whether due to MS, or some version of PMS, all needs rest in order to be alleviated. So…rest already! Give your body what it needs!

Sunday May 7th was the Supercities Walk for MS here in Halifax. What a fantastic day it was for the Walk: sunny skies, warm temperatures…and lots of Walkers! Two friends, as well as my loyal and always eager dog, joined me on the 8 km Walk…and the time passed very quickly indeed, filled with sun and laughter. I am always impressed and humbled by seeing the number of people who turn out to support those of us with MS…and even more humbled and awed by those Walkers and Volunteers who come out and join in the fight, walking and participating despite limb coordination troubles, using walking aids, and wheelchairs. My hat is off to all of you!