Wow – September already! Nights are cooler, days are shorter, and the kids will be heading off to school in a couple of blinks of the eye. (Audible sigh of relief! 😉

I must apologise to any of you who found my lack of updates over the summer irritating in any way. June was finding me in a bit of a downward spiral – I took most of this summer off from my normal routine, as a much-needed mental and physical break!

My boys and I spent most of July in Alberta and B.C. – staying in serious comfort at my dear sister’s and brother-in-law’s home. My darling sister, without whom I would not be as hale and healthy as I am, ensured that I got the rest and respite I so deperately needed, not letting me lift a finger, and insisting that I heed my body’s signals and actually REST! (What a concept, eh? 😉 Coupling that with good B.C. cherries and my sister’s amazing culinary skills – well, a girl has to feel hale and hearty after such a break!

August was a whirlwind of family visits from Quebec and Alberta, and lots of good food, and lots of new and exciting work on the weather front. And now, here we are, already September!

And bonus of bonuses…I am now within 7 lbs of my goal weight! (These last 10 pounds are proving to be quite the stubborn pounds…much like their owner, eh?) I recently put myself on an herbal detoxification, in order to rid my body of the bloat and such incurred over a summer of over-indulgent eating. What a difference it made – reinforcing yet again that I must really avoid gluten products. Not only do I feel more sluggish when I eat gluten, I now also break out with little patches of exzema here and there. And the bloat comes big-time. Within 36 hours of going on this detox program (which eliminated dairy, sugar, and gluten from my diet) I felt 100 percent better, and my sugar cravings were gone. Now that it is done, I will continue to avoid wheat, though I will re-introduce dairy in a more limited fashion.

In addition to this, I have increased my exercise regimen to include 45-60 minutes of walking (at a brisk pace) 5 days per week (on top of a daily 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weight ligting), and added yoga at least once per week. The wondrous thing is that the more exercise I add, the more muscle I see, and the more able I am to keep this up, despite a left leg that tends to drop. I guess it really does pay (depending on the symptoms) to use it or lose it. I am grateful that my symptoms are such that I can combat the pain with exercise, and the more efficient I become in that regard, the better I am able to manage my disease as well as maintain the best fitess level of my life. Though, there is definitely a fine line, that if I cross, I pay dearly for, to the tune of being virtually immobile for at least 2 days.

The odd thing though is that despite my high fitness level, simple tasks around the home can cripple me in short time. Case in point: I painted my deck chairs for a couple of hours. No big deal, I thought. Ha! By the end of the two hours, I was exhausted, I could barely move, and was in severe pain. This state lasted for 48 hours before I was able to move relatively normally and begin to bounce back. So, despite it all, my body still has it’s way of saying “You ain’t all that – you still got MS and I can take you down anytime!”

Ah, well…I’m always up for a challenge! As the song says “Life ain’t always beautiful – But it’s a beautiful ride”!