Well…I walked the MS Supercities Walk today, as I normally do. I am exhausted, but exhilarated. Seeing the wonderful turn-out we had once again simply warms my heart, and gives me hope.

The weather was spring-like, but definitely on the chilly side. Two of my friends walked with me – and the running joke is that I cannot stop, and end up pushing them harder because of it – because if I stop at all, that’s it. My legs won’t carry me farther…so it’s “Go, go, go!” while the momentum takes me. The love of my life, Kim, while he could not make the Walk this year, babied me afterwards, ensuring I got into a hot bath, and making a lovely dinner for us all. What a wonderful day!

I am settling in to my new position as acting chief. It’s a little daunting, trying to balance my type-A over-achiever tendencies with the need to rest and pace myself, since my disease has flared up some symptoms and my pain and fatigue are more of an issue to manage now. But I will find the balance. It may take me a few trial runs, as it usually does – my sister likes to tease me that is takes a brick or two to drop on my head before I get it. Well, I already had the “brick” in terms of the tile floor and my head meeting up solidly a few weeks back, and the resultant concussion. I am learning to say no…but learning to slow down is very difficult. But there are always alot of laughs to be had as my friends and family watch me “learn”!

On the concussion note, I recently had an EEG to try to determine the cause of my original fall, be it seizure or not. I should here the results soon. I’ll let y’all know! Stay tuned!