Whew…June already. Half of 2007 almost done. Yikes…is it just me, or is time passing at a faster and faster rate?

This month was a frustrating month on an MS level, and subsequently on a personal one. Since my mysterious unconsciousness spell in mid-March that lead to my concussion, I have been spiraling downward, symptoms-wise. It culminated in the past few weeks with me being clinically exhausted and suffering continuous spells of vertigo. This meant I was unable to drive, and my usual duties were impossible to complete due to the combination of fatigue and vertigo. But – Super Sister to the rescue!

My sister flew in from Calgary to spend 3 weeks with me, helping me get back on my feet, and find ways to manage my MS presently and for the future. I railed against the necessity, feeling like a burden, but she would not take no for an answer – she had been biting her tongue for as long as she could after my concussion. Nothing was stopping her at this point! 🙂

My sister, a former emergency nurse, is a wonder of knowledge, energy, and empathy. She brought in various tools for me to use, including a 4-legged cane, and a bench for my shower. Mentally and emotionally, I simply was not ready to accept these – and felt trapped by the reality being that I need these tools to function…maybe not every day or all the time, but I do need to have them handy. My sister helped me come to terms with that fact – in her consistently warm, loving, and gentle way. That woman is just as stubborn as I am, maybe more so, and knows how to lead the horse to water, and even make it drink! 😉

I seem to be climbing out of my exacerbations slowly now. But along the way I have discovered a few interesting things:

  • Concussions can cause my MS to flare-up significantly
  • Rebif apparently can cause an allergic reaction for some people, shown symptomatically as loss of consciousness. Could this be what happened to me in march? My EEG showed no seizure activity, and no subsequent damage from the concussion. So what caused me to faint with no warning?
  • Artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame and Splenda make my vertigo worse…why? I am officially completely and unequivocally OFF anything with artificial sweeteners.
  • I seem to have developed a blood-sugar related imbalance that directly affects my vertigo and I am having to learn to “graze”.
  • I have a wonderfully flexible work arrangement currently, which allows me to work from home when I cannot drive. This reduces my mental stress load immensely, and I will continue to seek ways to maintain that flexible work arrangement for as long as possible.
  • Travel is a lot more tiring and takes a lot more out of me than it ever used to – never thought I’d hear myself turn down chances to travel before, but I do!

Lots of stuff going on, obviously…thank goodness summer is almost here! I am looking forward to taking some time to rest and relax soon. Heat aside! More adventures on the way….