Hey there…summer is finally here…I think….It has been rather cloudy and wet the past few weeks here in the east, and I am seriously missing the sun. I spent a week in the Quebec Laurentians with family, speaking french/english/fr-english/angl-ench, drinking wine, and praying for more sun than rain – and then returned to the coast to more rain and cloud. Yuck.

In recent weeks, I have had a series of medical tests and seen a plethora of doctors to determine what’s goin on with my health, and why my vertigo and other symptoms have been so severe. Good news: brain damage and bursitis! 🙂

Now, why in the world do I call that good news? Because that, to me, has an upward curve on the health-o-meter (it can heal)! It turns out that my vertigo has been primarily a result of the concussion I originally had back in March, when I lost consciousness (reason unknown), and whacked my head on the floor. The damage is on the OPPOSITE side of my head, in my middle ear. It is permanent, but we are doing more testing, and there are hopefully some ways to mitigate its effects. I never realised concussions were so traumatic – now I know!

The second bit was the pain in my left leg becoming increasingly unbearable. It turns out that I have bursitis in my left hip (as a result of the way I accommodate the left leg and its drag). So THAT can be mitigated somewhat by a steroid shot into the inflamed joint. Whew! Frankly…I am aging, too. Comes with the territory.

So my MS is not taking a fast-tracked turn for the worse, but for now is relatively stable in the relapsing-remitting form – I simply have brain-damage and bursitis! 😉 Yahooey!

It was so easy to simply figure my MS was the cause of everything – and depending on your medical team, they too can use MS as the end-all-be-all excuse. In my case, I am persistent in trying to figure out what the real deal is, and my medical team has a couple of good stars in them (particularly Dr. McKelvey and Dr. Short, both neurologists). I also have strong family and friend support to help me navigate the maze of MS and health.

Moral of the story – don’t assume anything!!!

Happy July!