Well, it certainly has been an exciting summer so far – especially with some interesting news on the research front (from genetic discoveries to childhood sun exposure discoveries)! Check out the latest research news at the MS Society research Library for more details – or check out more MS News links at MS News . Lots of good stuff happening out there!

On a more personal note, I had the opportunity to speak at the Rona MS Bike Tour in Nova Scotia on July 28th. The bikers all gathered in the Acadia University memorial Gymnasium – about 400 people roughly! It was a beautiful and HOT summer day, and was it ever hot in the gym, too! But the positive energy and enthusiasm was amazing. I have been doing the MS Supercities Walk for years now – but I was extremely impressed by the camaraderie and enthusiasm exhibited at the MS Bike tour. It was inspirational – enough so that now I would like to see if I can challenge myself to take on a bike tour, too. If I can walk – maybe I can bike. (However, I think I might need to look into a 3-wheeled recumbent bike – balance issues and 2 wheels aren’t always compatible.)

On the home front, after my recent health challenges, I am finding myself needing to purge my home of clutter, or perceived clutter, and simplify my life to an extreme. I am slowly going through the process of reducing and re-prioritizing. In the end, I know this will be helpful in terms of adjusting to the needs of my ever-changing MS – but, whoo-whee, is it ever tiring!!!

One of the reasons I find myself needing to do this is due to the permanent fall-out from my recent concussion and subsequent damage. I now seem to be very easily overwhelmed by certain frequencies of noise, so much so that it can cause confusion in me and exacerbate my fatigue to a very large degree. My stamina seems to diminish exponentially as noise affects me in any given time period. For example – where I used to absolutely adore going to the blues gigs of my wonderful partner, Kim, and his band (Bedrock Blues), I now have to really be careful of my fatigue level, and sit farther back. Even so, every time since my concussion I have succumbed to utter and complete exhaustion by the end of a typical gig, even despite extra precautions taken to assure I am well rested beforehand. This frustrates me to no end, and I am still trying to figure out how to balance and manage it. (And I really wanna beat this, because Bedrock Blues is opening for Foreigner in September, and I have very fond memories of Foreigner as a teenager, so I really wanna be there, and be there the whole evening! It’s not every day you get the chance to be a groupie (or roadie, at this age)! 🙂

On another note – have you ever tried myofaschial release on injection sites? I was having increasing pain in my injection sites, and my massage therapist, Ashley Brown (Registered Massage Therapist at Interlude Spas in Dartmouth), suggested the specialized massage releise technique, which helps break down scar tissue. It can hurt like H-E-double hockey sticks, but what a difference it makes to the injection sites! After over 4 years of injections, I had a fair amount of scar tissue – she helped break this down, and my injections are much less painful now. The best part is that if your doctor prescribes massage for MS management, your health insurance will often cover part of the costs. I have used up my own limit for the year, but I am definitely gonna do it again every year.

I find myself struggle once again to lose weight – the recent health set-backs caused 15 lbs to creep back. And is my body ever hanging on to that 15 lbs! I am really struggling – and increased fatigue does not help any. Neither does the bursitis in my hip caused by the MS foot drop and my body’s compensation to my gait. Nor does perimenopause – add that to MS, and it’s P-MS (squared)!!! Ah, the joys of aging, eh?

Well, on that note, I am on the verge of another exciting career change – I get to play as the Warning Preparedness meteorologist for the next 4 months. I am excited – it’ll be a new challenge doing the stuff I love most, talking about the weather!

See you in September!