Happy 2008!

The past few weeks have flown by in a blur of holiday activities, winter storm events, and more. My darling brother, in cahoots with my sister and her hubby, flew my boys and I out to Calgary for Christmas, where they all proceeded to spoil us rotten! It was a wonderful and relaxing holiday, and very emotionally full-filling. Reconnecting with family was wonderful…oh, how I miss them! And, I gotta say that while I love living in Nova Scotia, nothing beats a big blue Alberta sky – being able to see “forever” is just something that must be seen to understand its pull.

Now that we are back in Halifax, I am fully into the next phase of my life, as I begin the process of undergoing a battery of tests to investigate the depth of the MS cognitive issues (which hit me in the face and refused to be ignored in 2007), and working with my employers to figure out how best to focus my work energies and passions while maintaining my health at the same time. So 2008 will definitely be a year of new discoveries, new pathways, new resolutions, and new adventures. Part of me is grieving, part of me is excited, part of me is angry, part of me is relieved…this next year will see me start on a brand new way of life, I suspect – ready or not!

What are some of my resolutions for 2008? I only have one: to continue focusing on discovering the best life balance I can, for my sake and for the sake of my loved ones. This includes continuing to work with Natalie (my personal trainer/physio) to make sure I am as fit as can be physically; managing my fatigue levels by working to live, not living to work, so that I have something left at the end of the day for my sons and my sweetie; continuing to swim with the Masters Swim team under the expert coaching of Kevin (who knows how to push us); and, continuing to learn to be gentle with myself as I go through this next phase of my health progression (MS, menopause, PMS, or whatever it is).

I am also in the midst of working on updating and upgrading the MS Means website…starting with this blog. It is not going as fast as I would have liked, simply because I am striving to be realistic with my energy levels, and not work myself to painful fatigue levels in the name of a self-defeating self-set deadline. So bear with me! It’s hard for a self-proclaimed A++ super-achiever to slow down and change her travel speed!

Come along for the ride on the next leg of this adventure…I can’t promise it won’t be bumpy, but I can promise it won’t be boring! 😉