I have copied the post info from Lisa as per her Carnival of MS Bloggers in an effort to help spread the word. Here it is below…enjoy!



A Blessed Mess (Sheila)
A Florida Journal (SwampAngel)
A Life of Learning with MS
A Short in the Cord (Joan)
A Stellarlife (Diane)
Access Denied (Herrad)
Angst on a Shoestring (Gina)
Armed with Pointy Sticks
Barbara’s Tchatzkahs
Behind Blue Eyes (Zee)
Being Ammey
Blindbeard’s MS Blog
Blogbuster (Daniel)
Brain Cheese (Linda)
Brass and Ivory (Lisa)
Breaking the Dress Code (Melizzard)
Broken Clay (Katja)
Bubbie’s Blog (Cathy)
Bugs, Bikes, Brains (Shauna)
Camille’s MSadventures
Can You Hear Me Now? (Donna)
Caregivingly Yours (Patrick)
Carole’s MS Blog (Carole)
Carolyne’s MS Odyssey (Carolyne)
Catch My Disease (Lisle)
Chaos Personified
Chris Has MS (Chris)
Clods and Pebbles
Comment Column (Virginia)
Curmudgeonette (Pamela)
Dancing with MS (Lazscott)
Dandelion Wine (Lynx)
Danieldoo (Vivian)
Deborah Does Navel-Gazing (Deb)
Defeating Illness (Chris)
Deo Volente (Lisa N)
Diary of MS X (7 Divas)
Disabled Not Dead (Anne)
Do You Have That in My Size? (Denise)
Doug’s MS Journal (Doug)
Down the MS Path (Vicki)
Effortless Eating (Elisabeth)
Electrical Disturbance (Stephan)
Erik’s MS & Lyme Blog
Etsy Crest (Shelby)
Fingolimod and Me (Jeri)
Friday’s Child
Funky Mango’s Musings
G and K’s Mom
Georgia MS Advocates
GPSOkie’s” Photography and Geocaching Blog (Steven)
Great Mastications (Orla)
Home Sweet Home (Jennifer)
Hop Bloody Hop (Philip)
Huggins’ MS Pages (James)
I Have MS
I Have MS (Tim)
I’m Beating MS (Michael)
Inside the Mind of a Squirrel
Intent, Context, Perception (Chris)
Irreverence is Justified
It’s Not All in My Head (Optimist)
Jayne’s World (Jayne)
Jenn’s Journey with MS (Jenn)
Jenn’s Nook (Jenn)
Jim’s Deep Thoughts (Jim)
Jo Franz, Author, Speaker, Singer
Just Above the Abyss (Heidi)
Katy and Mike’s Adventure (Katy)
Kebenaran – The Truth
Know Multiple Sclerosis
Lazy Dog Public House
Libbi’s MS Journey (Libbi)
Life and Times of Eric’s Wife (Amy)
Life with MS (Trevis)
Life with MS, Seeking a Cure (Karyl)
Living Life as a Snowflake (Sharon)
Living Life at LeeHaven (Karen)
Living Well with MS (Michon)
Living with MS (Blinders Off)
Living with MS (Cyndee)
Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MsShad)
LJ Users with Multiple Sclerosis
Looking Forward with MS (Pamela)
Maggsbunny (Maggie)
Managing MS with Tai Chi (Joel)
Managing Multiple Sclerosis (Vince)
Mandatory Rest Period (Kim)
Mark and MS (Mark)
Maybe I’m Just Lazy (Julie)
Me, Myself and MS (Emma)
Merely Me’s Multiple Synchronicities (& Sclerosis)
Middle Age Mania (Tricia)
Michele’s Blog (Michele)
Mike’s Place (Mike)
Mima’s Doings

Mismorphic’s World of MS
Montana Homecoming (Sister Jane)
Movin’ On with MS (Sammie)
MS A Personal Account
MS Activist (NMSS)
MS Caregivers (Prudence)
MS in the OC (Frank)
MS Maze (Mandy)
MS Musings
MS My Scene (Virginia)
MS My Way (Callie)
MS News and Notes (Deb)
MS Not Just a Diary (Dave)
MS Protocols (Jeff)
Ms Quill
MS Real Life Stories & Issues (Kristin)
MS Recovery Diet Blog (Ann)
MS Recovery Diet Blog (Judi)
MS Toolkit
MSB’s Podcast
MSing Around
Multiple Sclerosis Blog (Charles of MSBpodcast.com)
Multiple Sclerosis & Faith
Multiple Sclerosis Blog and News

Multiple Sclerosis Notes
Multiple Sclerosis Sucks
My Autoimmune Life
My Chain Driven Ride through Life in Alaska (Michelle)
My Complications (Amanda)
My Demyelination (Tina)
My Journey with MS (Christina)
My Journey with MS (Nicole)
My Journey – Living Well with MS (Diana)
My Life, My Journey (Michael)
My MS Experience
My MS Journal (Jaime)
My Tysabri Diary (Lauren)
Nervus Rex (Shawna)
Newly Diagnosed with MS (Andrea)
No Time for MS (Courtney)
Now We Are Six (Tish)
Object of My Injection (Michelle)
One Crazy Chick (Chris)
One Life (Stephen)
Ontheballk9strng Weblog
Pat’s Pond (Pat)
Persnickety Quilts (Dianne)
Postcards of My Life (Sherry)
Purely Patsy (14 yr old Patsy)
Queen Mediocretia of Suburbia
Rants and Musings (Cutter)
Rayne’s World (Jayme)
Reality Check (Michael)
Reality Chick (Keli)
Rebooting Times
Rickshaw Diaries (Baraka)
Say It Isn’t So (Mouse)
Scraps and Threadtales (YankeeQuilter)
Self-injecting Chinese Hamsters since 2007
Serina’s Blog (Serina)
Shirl’s the Girl (Shirley)
Shoester (Doug)
Shut Up and Pedal! (Alison)
Simply Kate (Kate)
Slipping Through My Fingers
Sorting It All Out (Michael)
Spinning My Yarns (Missabeth)
Steven’s Photo Blog
Sunshine and Moonlight (Kim)
Surviving MS in Alaska (Michelle)
Talk Story with Kimberly
The BS of My MS (Heather)
The Endomorph (Ruth)
The Great NetXperiment
The Jaws of My Life (Jaws)
The Life & Times of Sancho Knotwise (JM)
The MonSter Ate My Branes! (Natalie)
The Multiple Sclerosis Companion (Pat)
The Perseverant Pincushion (Trish)
The Zen Pretzel Trick (Zen Angel)
These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty (Trrish)
Time to Deal with MS (Homer)
Tis Herself (Kell)
To Be Continued… (Jaime)
Tokyo Girl Down Under
Travels With Lucy (Virginia)
Troy’s Multiple Sclerosis Experience
Truth and Beauty (Baraka)
Tryin’ to Imagine Bliss (Suzy)
Trying to Catch My Breath
Tysabri Help (Deej)
Victoria Plum – Technician! (Vicki)
What is MS to Me (Dave)
When it’s Raining… (Keeley)
White Lightning Axiom – Redux (mdm)
Wide Margins (Mary)
Willy’s MS Rants (Willy)
Wind Among the Reeds
Word Salads (Have Myelin?)
YodaMamma MS & More
You Me and MS (Judi)

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