Have you ever heard of a Healing Crisis? Neither had I, but apparently I am in one!

Recently, two vigorous sessions of yoga focused on twists, which basically wrings you out like a dishrag.  It seemed to trigger something in my body, because since then, my body has launched itself into a round of symptom flare-ups, from extreme fatigue and chronic headaches, to profuse sweating, tears, nausea, pain, break-outs and a weight loss of 5 lbs in less than one week. From researching and discussion, it would seem my body has decided now is the time to try to rid itself of all the toxins in my body. Given that I have been on various courses of very strong MS drugs over the past 8 years, and there is no doubt that they have had adverse effects on me, and that these drugs affect the liver, I am not really surprised that I have felt so fatigued, foggy and ill over the past couple of weeks – much more so than usual. I think I am finally starting to come out the other side – after sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, and drinking lots of good old H2O. But, given that I still take lots of meds daily for pain and seizures, ridding my body of all its toxins is a tall order! Basically, I just need to ride this out.

Despite the discomfort of this current symptom flare-ups or healing crisis, yoga can still bring me to a place of absolute peace and pain-free bliss. I walked into my favorite Sunday hot yoga session full of kinks, aches, stiff joints and muscles, and a nagging dull headache that just would not leave. I got on my mat, stiff and in pain – I argued with myself, pushed myself, listened and adjusted when my body needed, sweating off about 2 litres of water at the same time. I left feeling loose, relaxed, at ease…and relatively pain free! There is no better personal rush, in my mind!

So – while I cannot say I am enjoying this Healing Crisis period, I am glad that my body is trying to heal itself, and clear itself. The inner peace and pain control that comes with practicing yoga are more than enough reason to ride out any healing crisis discomfort! (But for the moment, my bottle of Gravol is calling… 😉