It is sometimes quite hysterically funny the way you can throw people off kilter by an unexpected reaction to things in life.

Let me give you some background: In the past year or more, my health issues have been wide ranging and pretty much all over the place – a significant part of it stemming from a pretty good case of depression as a result the trauma of my accident, the trauma of being diagnosed with a seizure disorder, and the heartbreak of loss in the form of the death of a loved one and a complete breakup of a significant relationship.

So, with that in mind, I went off to the hospital to see an endocrinologist (whom I have been waiting to see since March) to ensure that my pituitary tumour that I had had surgically removed in my early 20’s had not re-grown. After waiting the usual 3-4 hours beyond my appointment time, and being on the verge or walking out, a team of specialists came in and sat down in front of me with a thick file. The doc began to explain that my pituitary and thyroid hormones were normal…except for a couple of hormone levels that were elevated. He then put on a very serious face and said: “These levels tell me that your body is going into menopause now.” Well, I laughed, pumped my fist in the air, and said “YES!”

The look on the team’s face was absolutely priceless! They looked stunned…jaw-dropping stunned. I explained that I was happy because menopause is absolutely normal. Sure it comes with hot flashes, wonky menstrual cycles, and various other common complaints as your body journeys through peri-menopause to its final destination of menopause. But… It’s not a tumour. It’s not MS. It’s not a seizure disorder. It’s a biological cycle normal in a human female’s life. Yay for me! Finally – something “normal”!

I left the team with smiles on their faces, as they shook their heads and said: “I guess it’s all relative, eh?” (They are apparently more accustomed to women taking the news of their bodies going into menopause with much more negative emotional responses!)

And that is what I brought to my yoga mat last night – that it’s all relative. Anything in life is a matter of perspective and relativity – and something’s importance is directly proportional to the energy you invest in it, positive or negative. And I felt absolute joy quietly bubble through me as the practice wound down to the bliss of Savasana – joy knowing that despite all my health challenges, some things are just…well…normal.