With the holiday season upon us, finding the time to care for oneself can be very difficult. But it’s gotta be done, or everything else suffers. The plan – rest when I can, attend what I can, but honour each moment, and be ok with saying “no” when fatigue or pain is an issue.

With that in mind, Super-Mike and I attended the Breathing Space Holiday Karma yoga event at Chocolate Lake this past weekend. It was amazing! Not only was the people energy fantastic, we tried different yogic poses that I would never have thought I could do in a million years. But you know what – when you have a partner to support you, you can pretty much do anything! We all had a wonderful work-out, a wonderful time, and a heckuva lot of laughter. (Pictures coming soon! Stay tuned!) And the benefits of partner poses – SuperMike managed to get my lower back to release and crack big-time – a feat that I had been thinking was never going to happen. Lo and behold – my pain went away! What a wonderful way to enter the chaotic holiday bustle – less pain and lotsa love and laughter!

The success of achieving such physical and emotional highs through my personal yoga practice permeates through my entire life – and I noticed it especially this weekend. My energy soared – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I became inspired artistically (see my Yoga Transformation page) creating a visual depiction of my yogic journey – or my perception of it, anyway. I had been working on it a while, but finished it as inspiration struck. (Super-Mike and I were also both inspired regarding tattoos – but that’s a story for another day!) I have also noticed, and family and friends have commented upon, how calm and at ease I am now. I have always generally been an easy-going person, but now, it takes a heckuva lot more to actually ruffle my feathers. (Though I am still known to get ruffled for the underdog! I cannot stand seeing abuse of any kind!) This inner calm in turn has eased my MS symptoms to some degree, by reducing my levels of stress since I can find my peace easier and more readily now simply through applying my yogic breathing anytime, anywhere, as needed.

Wishing you all a very peaceful and happy holiday season…and remember to take a few moments everyday to breathe deeply. Simply breathe.