Sometimes, I swear my mind and body are just not on the same page. When my mind says “Go”, my body will say “nope, not today”. Or, when my body says “Go!”, my mind is sluggish, and says “Huh? Go where?” It’s enough to make one a little batty at times!

Most recently, this happened when my mind was eager to attempt a double hot yoga session. I was feeling like I needed that extra little “oomph” at the end of a long hard week…but, as those of us with MS know only too well, sometimes our bodies don’t agree with our mental plans. I got through the first hot yoga session…but just barely, the heat getting to me more than usual, making me nauseous and headache-y and weak as a kitten. So, for round two – I had to honour my body’s needs and not stay for the 2nd round of hot yoga. Was I discouraged? Of course. But only momentarily. The “witness” part of me recognized that I was able to do the one session, and that is good. So, for next time I plan to do 2 yoga sessions in a row, I will plan one to NOT be hot yoga. Heat can be a good thing – but when you have MS, heat can also be a bad thing.

But it got me pondering how much energy we spend pushing ourselves to do things, when it would actually be better, and even more efficient, for us to stop, let our bodies and/or minds get the craved rest and then go back at it. I have found that on the days I sit staring blankly at my work computer, in a cognitive fog of fatigue, it is more helpful for me to stop, take a 30 minute nap, then go back to the desk to continue my work. Now, I am very fortunate in that my employers allow me to work almost full-time from home, so when I need that little nap, I can take it. But their investment in me is well placed in that the energy I have can now be focused on work, rather than getting to work, or getting home from work. So I would say that my productivity has actually risen since being allowed to work from home, despite the fact that my MS fatigue has worsened over the years.

Humour is the most helpful tool I have in my own personal arsenal to deal with the times when my body/mind just refuse to sync. “MS moments” have become one of my favorite “excuses” when I can’t find a word, or trip on my own foot. Learning to “Go with the Flow” of the MS fog and fatigue has made that humour a true necessity in my life.

So I am gonna use “MS Moment” here too – because for the life of me, I just can’t remember what the heck I was gonna talk about in my blog today. And it was originally genius material! (I really gotta remember to write that stuff down…and remember to write a note to myself reminding me to write that stuff down!)

What was I supposed to do now…oh yeah, post my blog. Oy – I am in such an MS fog lately…ciao for now! (Now where did I leave my brain this time…..)