When the poop hits the fan these days, it hits hard, eh? During this past week, I have been trying to make sense of everything that’s happened and is happening.

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” -Unknown

On March 17th, 10th (OMG- this date error tells me how scrambled my brains have been from this recent seizure episode – I am still struggling to make sense of time passage since the Event) I was found by my darling hero, SuperMike, in a post-seizure daze state, coughing and choking, and having had a full tonic-clonic seizure. He called 9-1-1 and apparently while the paramedics were there, I had another full-on tonic-clonic seizure. Myself – I lost a full 2 days, as I have no memory of Thursday (except for vague memories of working in the morning) and my first truly conscious memory is apparently sometime Friday “waking up” to see Mike’s beautiful face at the hospital, bruises and tubes and tape all over my arms and wondering why I felt like I’d just been hit by a truck! Apparently during the emergency my body had gone into shock, and all arms veins had collapsed…hence a real mess left to heal now. (He also got to meet an old friend and neighbor, my Avon lady, who came over to help when she saw the ambulance!)

This recent seizure episode was a pretty bad one, in that there were multiple seizures and I am missing 2 days of time rather than just a few hours. When a woman speaks of multiples and missing time, she’d really rather be talking about the Big O, not the Big S!

Apparently, sometime in those 2 days one of the worst natural disasters in the world hit Japan in the form of an earthquake and tsunami! The scientist in me wonders: how many other people in the world who suffer from seizures had seizures during that time period, and is there any possible link due to any kind of energy transfer? The witness in me wonders: WTF??? Is the world going to hell in a hand-basket???

My head bows in respect, grief and love for all of the lost souls and their families. And once again in respect for Mother Earth – humans may be arrogant enough to think we are masters of our universe, but Mother Earth leaves us no doubt of the real master.

My fave neurologist, Dr. Short, gave me the green light to start doing yoga for gentle movement again, as long as my brain does not feel sloshy, because the movement is vital to the recovery process as well as vital for the stress-reducing capacity. She did however, suggest that I avoid my favorite form of yoga (hot yoga) for the time being, since we have no idea what is actually triggering my seizures. So, since heat is typically bad for flaring MS symptoms, and since one of my worst MS symptoms is these seizures – avoid the hot yoga and stick to all other forms for now, as my body craves, until we can determine if the heat is a concern for me specifically.

I love hot yoga – it is my favorite form of yoga. That being said – I also love being able to live my life without fear, so if taking the heat out of the equation is a better option, then so be it. The upside is that it is the movement and inner peace that comes with a practice of yoga that is vital to my health.

That inner peace is vital to so many people in this world, especially now in this time of chaos. I highly recommend reading the Tiny Buddha – especially the post about being happy even in tough times.
7 Reasons to be happy even if things aren’t perfect right now.