“Freedom is instantaneous the moment we accept things as they are.” -Karen Maezen Miller

It’s amazing how practicing positivity becomes so ingrained into your core being that you cultivate the ability to see a bright side to everything in some way, no matter how dark it may seem in the moment. Yesterday marked my 47th birthday, as well as one month since the worst seizure episode to strike me to date. What do I see? A whole whack of new information, new inspiration, and new lessons learned. Am I irritatingly sunny and positive all the time, or just nuts? (The answer depends on who you talk to!)

I recently had someone ask me how I can be so calm and positive? How can I keep working? Keep laughing? Keep moving, doing yoga, all of it?

How? How can I not? It is my life, my journey…me. Am I just like everyone else? Yes. No. Sometimes. Never. Do I get scared? Heck ya! Do I let it paralyze me? Heck no! With yoga, my personal tool for maintaining balance in all areas of my life, I am able to manage my physical aspects, as well as my emotional and mental aspects.

For example, through my yoga practice, I have been able to bounce back from this recent serious seizure episode much quicker than before, with a deeper understanding and sense of where things might be injured and need special attention. Interestingly enough, my rib injury from the prior seizure episode in June 2010, which left me with injured ribs, has been affected by this recent seizure. My spine, still damaged by the seizure that caused my car accident in 2008, has also been affected again, and my hips were torqued out of alignment by 1 inch, which affected the ribs, which affected my breathing and my neck, which affected my pain and fatigue, and so on. (The toe bone really is connected to the chin bone!!) But I knew enough that over the weekend, when I could not stand upright, I was able to have SuperMike work a partner yoga pose with me that we were taught in class that bring me lots of spinal relief. Three big spinal cracks and I was standing upright like a human being again!

Dem bone, dem bones...dem yoga bones.

So for me the bright side to all of this is that through my yoga practice, I have begun to “understand” my body in a whole new way – and understand that each event has affected my body permanently in some way to some level. So I can understand why my spine wigs out – because of the 2008 event. My ribs? They seem to be due to the event of 2010. I can put aside any fear and see the situation clearly for what it is. And – I am able to pass that understanding on to others so that they can possibly find their own personal “a-ha” and move forward in their own understand of their own situations.

Whether it is something medical or not, change is brought into everyone one’s life at some level.

“The art of life is constant readjusting to your surroundings.” -Kazuko Okokaura