“From small beginnings come great things.” –Proverb

Yogi's mat
A yogi's mat


   /ˌgrædʒuˈeɪʃən/ [graj-oo-ey-shuhn] –noun

  1. an act of graduating; the state of being graduated.
  2. the ceremony of conferring degrees or diplomas, as at a college or school.
  3. arrangement in degrees, levels, or ranks.

Graduation – such a stoic word for an event that absolutely changes your life.

Next month, my oldest son has his graduation from high school, moving on to a new stage of life, with plans to attend university and complete his science degrees. His life will be changing in a way that will move him forward on his own life journey. My life will be changing because as his mother, I have to recognize that he is a young man, no longer my little boy holding my hand as we cross the street. That’s bittersweet and I have both tears of joy and sorrow – joy that my son is transitioning into a new exciting stage of life on his journey, sorrow that now I have to let him cross the street of Life on his own.

This past weekend, I and my Breathing Space Yoga fellow students graduated as yoga instructors after following a wonderful nine month program of self-discovery and re-birth. It was a weekend of bittersweet laughter and tears: joy for the growth we all experienced over the course of the program, elation for the success of completing the course and becoming certified yoga teachers, and tears of joy and sorrow at connections made and knowing that our regular meetings were at an end.

For me, that bittersweet feeling felt even deeper in that I know that I came very close to not being there, since my March seizure event was the worst one yet and if not for my darling SuperMike, who literally saved my life, my own graduation day could have looked alot different! (Thank you, baby – you are simply the best!)

So how has my life changed in the past 9 months? Ah…let me count the ways!

  • I started with extreme pain. My pain is now much less.
  • I started out using a cane daily, walking at a slow painful pace. I no longer need a cane for daily use, and walk at a fast pace. (My cane is around for my dizzy days…but even those are less!)
  • I started out an emotional mess – scared of what my life would look like with seizures and MS, devastated by a number of personal losses. I now have an inner witness, a calm and tranquility that I could only imagine prior.
  • I started out rushing through life trying to please everyone, putting myself at the bottom of my priority list. I now know that the best way for me to be able to give to others is to make myself the priority and give to myself first.

That’s just a very small sampling of the changes I have personally experienced – I cannot find the words to properly express the deep sense of peace, accomplishment, and joy that I have learned to tap into as a result of diving into this training program. (Who’da thunk that a goofball science geek like me could find a balance between science and deep personal spiritual and physical insight??) I know enough now to know that I have only begun to touch the surface of personal growth and exploration that comes from a lifestyle that incorporates a regular practice of yoga (and I don’t just mean a physical practice). And I am so hungry for more!

I am looking forward to the new leg of my journey, as I explore more opportunities and live fully in every moment that I have in this lifetime. Stay tuned… !

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.” -Proverb