“Everything changes, nothing remains without change.” ~ Buddha

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012 – the year of the Apocalypse, which many believe will herald the end of civilization as we know it, thanks to the Mayan calendar “ending” on December 21, 2012…a Mesoamerican Long Count calendar whose long count period happens to end in December 2012.

Now, I am an admitted myth and lore lover. I adore ghost stories. I love the “unexplainable”. I love human behaviour around these things. It all fascinates me. But I approach it all with the scepticism of a scientific mind and the quirky humour of a comedic wanna-be with a mind open to possibilities!

My own personal launch into the “Apocalyptically Challenged” 2012 was wonderful, despite lingering vertigo and brain ‘squishiness’ – I got to spend it with the people I love, laughing and playing simple board games into the wee hours of January 1st. I am so blessed to have sons that are smarter than anyone I have ever met, whom I fully enjoy and whom I find hysterically funny! (As I like to tease, they must use their super powers of supreme intellect for good, not eeee-vil!)  We all shared stories, dream, apocalypse myths and trivia, food and fun. I laughed all night with family and guests – to the point of a very hoarse throat the next day! (And when you play Pictionary with a squishy brain, the laughter in the room is non-stop!)

This 2012 year comes with a curious sense of anticipation and excitement for me – for many reasons. It’s a year of myth, legend and lore…a global experiment in human behaviour. (Fascinating on so many levels for so many reasons! I will be glued to the Discovery and History Channels, I am sure!) Also, my sweetie Mike and I will be getting married this year – and I am very excited about it. (I had said for years that it would be the end of civilization as we know it before I ever get married again, and I meant it with every fiber of my being. Well, apparently the end of civilization as we know it is upon us, ’cause when Mike asked, I did not even hesitate to say yes!) I will also be launching a new Yoga-MS initiative locally with the MS Society and fellow local yoga teachers. This is something close to my heart, because I truly want to bring the healing benefits of all aspects of yoga to those who really need it, but up to now have thought that yoga is just not a viable option. I will be deepening my own personal yoga practice as well, and finding the balance of cardio and yoga that works best with my ever-changing body.

So – will 2012: The Apocalypse Year be the end of civilization as we know it? Good gosh – I hope so. I hope it is a year of much change. I hope that change comes in many positive forms, such as individual inner peace; that global seeking of tranquility will become “viral”, one person at a time.

What does 2012: Year of the Apocalypse means for you?

“If the Apocalypse comes, beep me.” ~ Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Best wishes for a fantastic 2012! Namaste