And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. ~ Abraham Lincoln


Life is really funny sometimes. As we age, I think it gets even funnier, personally. From memory issues to coming full circle with kids, there is more and more to smile and laugh about.

I spent much of the past weekend in teh emergency room. This time however it was for my son, not me! (Do I say “yay”, “Aw”, or “Huh?” ) My oldest boy hurt his leg, and we spent a while waiting for xrays and doctor consultation. During that time, I got to spend precious moments with my young adult son – and loved every minute of it! That boy is funny! We ended up in tears of laughter (despite his pain) as we listened to someone in another berth complaining endlessly about the quality of cheese and crackers at the emergency fascility and the lack of “real” food. For some reason, it struck many of the patients on the floor as hysterically funny, and some even called out for more cheese and crackers themselves, and this made my son and I laugh that much harder. I must say that now, cheeese and crackers will hold a special memory for both of us – even from a not so fun situation.

Another situation that I found funny recently was surrounding memory – and not just my own spotty one! As we age, we realise that our memories can be wonky and full of gaps. Think of how many times you have walked from one room to the next and compltely forgotten what you went there for; or when you head to the store for a particular item, and get all sorts of things but completely forget about getting that particular item you needed to begin with. I don’t have enough appendages left to count how many times this has happened to me!

In that vein, I find it quite humourous lately that my peers are also experiencing such memory issues – so I know it is not just my medical situation! Recently, a couple of my work colleagues and I figured out we had been in the same physics program at university, but we could not remember each other from class. We can remember vividly a particular class in which the prof, who had a notoriously greasy and shabby grey comb-over, dropped his chalk on the floor while discussing very important aspects of modern physics, and bent to pick it up. When he stood upright to continue on with his lecture, his comb-over stood flipped off to the right of his head, like an open lid – and it stayed that way the entire lecture!! We all remember the lecture, remember where we sat in the classroom – but none of us have any memory of each other (nor of the specific topic of the class because we were all trying so hard not to burst into laughter).

This kind of “funny side of life” laughter is a powerful coping tool for everyday stress, or deeper stress. It allows you a moment to breath, let go of the seriousness of life, and release into the humour surrounding us.
If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right. ~ Bob Basso

What makes you giggle in the life you live? Embrace it!